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Group Exercise & Services

  • Yoga Class

    Yoga Class

    We are committed to provide you with straightforward information and assist you in making choices that will improve the quality of your life.

  • Aerobic Exercise

    Aerobic Exercise

    Aerobic Exercise: is also know as "cardio" exercise that requires pumping of oxygenated blood by the heart to working muscles.

  • Aerobic Step

    Aerobic Step

    Stepping on the platform will help strengthen your kness and ankles along with a great cardio workout.

  • Aerobic Elastik

    Aerobic Elastik

    Aerobic Elastic: is a great fat burner that utilize elastic band to the beat of the music to get you pumped up and burn fat for lean muscles.

  • Sling Training (TRX)

    Sling Training (TRX)

    Sling exercise is a functional training method where you use two slings to exercise using your own body as the weight and resistance.

  • Crossfitness


    Crossfit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All crossfit workouts are based on functional movements,

  • Body Fit

    Body Fit

    Body Fit: a great workout with barbell to get you lean, tone and fit fast. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition

  • Zumba (Dance Class)

    Zumba (Dance Class)

    Have fun while you lose weight with oneHOWTO! Zumba Dance Workout with our best uDance instructor!

  • Cardio


    Cardio exercise is any exercise that raises your heart rate. Face it our bodies were made to move.

  • ABS Class

    ABS Class

    Our abs class will help you to strengthen your abdominal and core area, help tighting the muscles and improving your posture and power.

  • Kun Khmer

    Kun Khmer

    Come and join our kun khmer class with Trainer PICH for a great cardio and fat burning workout that incorporates a style of martial art along with aerobic exercise to get you in the fighting spirit for a great workout.

  • Morning Athletic

    Morning Athletic

    Morning Athletic helps develop core body strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, balance, and good posture all key to a healthy body.

  • Personal Training

    Personal Training

    Bring your own personal or small group for a custom training program our scheduler will assign you in a special gap.

  • Steam & Sauna

    Steam & Sauna

    Our steam and sauna rooms ideal for relaxation, offer our guests a serene escape to relax in and to also boost your immune system,